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TU Studio

TU Studio, Raumplan

The Electronic Music Studio at TU Berlin 
was founded in 1953, making it an early 
place in the history of Electroacoustic Music.

Since then it is used for the production of Electroacoustic Music and – as part of the Audio Communication Group – also in the research and  teaching of fields related to audio technology and electronic music.

Today it features two studios – the large studio, being 
equipped with a 12 channel Meyer UPL-1 speaker 
setup and the sound field synthesis studio with a circle of
8 Speakers, a Higher Order Ambisonics Dome with 24 speakers
and a Wave Field Synthesis system with 192 channels.

Tel.: +49 (0)30 314-22327
address and map

Studio management:
Henrik von Coler

Student assistants:
Jonas Margraf
Paul Schuladen

Jason Horn


Former staff:

Andreas Pysiewicz


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