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Das Elektronische Orchester Charlottenburg

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EOC Documentation by Torsten Porstman


The Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC) explores the improvisation and interpretation of Electroacoustic Music.This includes the interaction of diverse electronic instruments and their spatialization in real time.

The Orchestra was founded in early 2017 and is connected to a seminar at TU, for training potential new members. During the past years, the EOC performed various concerts, including performances at the Linux Audio Conference 2018, the Superbooth 2018 and the SinusTon Festival 2018.

After exploring different excisting concepts and compositions, like Mark Applebaum's The Metaphysics of Notation or Cornelius Cardew's Treatise the EOC is also performing compositions by members of the orchestra and commissioned works, for example by the German composer Robert Stokowy.

Contact: Henrik von Coler

Official EOC website: https://eo-charlottenburg.de/

EOC @ Holzmarkt 2019


EOC at SinusTon 2018


EOC @ SuperBooth 2018

Synths + Sound Director
EOC (Sprawl Voices) at Superbooth

EOC at SIM (2018-02-10)

EOC performing 'Discount' at SIM
EOC in winter 2017/18

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