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Dr. Fabian Brinkmann



Room EN 150/151
Phon: +49 30 314 70 336
Mail: fabian.brinkmann AT tu-berlin.de

Consultation hours: Wednesday, 16-18 (appointment via mail)

Teaching Activities

Virtual Acoustic - project tutorial: System identification, binaural technology, and room simulation (Since 2012)

Loudspeaker lab: Measurement and signal processing for loudspeakers (2010-2015)

The Appassionata and follow-up projects: Performance analysis of music recordings (Since 2010)

Audio technique II: Tutorial in digital audio technique (2009-2011)

Open Data Publications


An open software toolbox for signal acquisition, processing, and inspection in acoustics

FABIAN data base

A compilation of acoustically measured and numerically simulated head-related transfer functions, headphone transfer functions, and 3D-head-and-torso meshes of the head and torso simulator FABIAN


An open source software for conduction listening test

Musical Instruments

A data base with recordings, directivities, and features of classical musical instruments

Perceptually motivated analysis of numerically simulated head-related transfer functions generated by various 3D surface scanning systems
Zitatschlüssel Dinakaran2018
Autor Dinakaran, Manoj and Brinkmann, Fabian and Harder, Stine and Pelzer, Robert and Grosche, Peter and Paulsen, Rasmus R. and Weinzierl, Stefan
Buchtitel IEEE Int. Conf. Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)
Seiten 551–555
Jahr 2018
DOI 10.1109/ICASSP.2018.8461789
Adresse Calgary, Canada
Monat apr
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