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Arne Hölter

Arne Hölter, M. Sc.
room: EN 107/108
phone: +49 30 - 314 70361
email: hoelter [at] campus.tu-berlin.de

Fields of Research

Teaching Activities

Virtual Acoustic - Tutorials IIa and IIb: Sound Field Synthesis with straight and circular distribution of monopole sound sources (2020 - today)

Open Data Publications

pyPALC - Application for the calculation of line source cabinet tilt angles.

The application runs with the python library bokeh.


Synthese komplexer Richtcharakteristiken für eine Schallfeldoptimierung im Zeitbereich
Citation key Lemke_2020
Author Lemke, Mathias and Stein, Lewin and Hölter, Arne and Straube, Florian and Weinzierl, Stefan
Title of Book Fortschritte der Akustik: Tagungsband d. 46. DAGA, Hannover, Germany
Pages 1192–1195
Year 2020
DOI 10.14279/depositonce-9997
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