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Arne Hölter

Arne Hölter, M. Sc.
room: EN 107/108
phone: +49 30 - 314 70361
email: hoelter [at] campus.tu-berlin.de

Fields of Research

line array optimization, sound reinforcement, sound field synthesis, adjoint-based simulation, signal processing, loudspeakers

Teaching Activities

Virtual Acoustic - Tutorials IIa and IIb: Sound Field Synthesis with straight and circular distribution of monopole sound sources (2020 - today)


Synthese komplexer Richtcharakteristiken für eine Schallfeldoptimierung im Zeitbereich
Citation key Lemke2020
Author Lemke, Mathias and Stein, Lewin and Hölter, Arne and Straube, Florian and Weinzierl, Stefan
Title of Book Fortschritte der Akustik: Tagungsband d. 46. DAGA
Pages 1192–1195
Year 2020
Location Hannover, Germany
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