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Room Acoustics Concept of the WellenFeld H 104

Frequency-dependent reverberation time just before and after the room acoustic costumization

Concerning the room acoustics design of the hall, the requirements for a WFS reproduction room had to comply with those for a conventional lecture hall. In addition to the avoidance of room acoustic interferences (i.e., the suppression of flutter or back wall reflection echoes), the reverberation time and reflection control had to be taken into consideration. In a reproduction room for WFS technologies, the audibility of physical space should not interfere with the synthesized sound field. Specifically for WellenFeld H104, the reverberation and room reflections should not adversely affect the sound field synthesis. By contrast, in a conventional auditorium, physical space plays the role of promoting spoken voice transmission and, thus, speech intelligibility.
According to those premises, the following planning objectives were defined:

  • A target reverberation time of 0.95 s (in the state of 50% of seats being occupied) with a balanced frequency response. This represents a practicable compromise between both usage scenarios of the WFS auditorium.
  • Prevention of room-specific early reflections, as they negatively affect the WFS usage outweighing their advantages for the (electroacoustically reinforced) auditorium use. Lateral reflections are thereby prevented by specifically arranged absorbing surfaces, unfavourable reflections from the floor and ceiling are avoided by the horizontally focused directional characteristic of the WFS speakers.

According to the purposes of this planning concept, the reverberation time could be reduced at values of ca. 1s, via reprocessing of the seats and by installing absorber material on parts of the walls, especially in the vicinity of the speakers.

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