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HRTF measurement in the anechoic chamber of TU Berlin

Research of the Audio Communication Group is dedicated to the communication of music and speech in acoustical or electro-acoustical systems. This includes topics such as electroacoustic recording, reproduction and playback technologies, realization of virtual acoustic realities and 3D Audio by means of binaural technology or sound field synthesis, technologies for the composition and realization of electroacoustic music and sound art, and empirical approaches to study musical interaction and music reception. Typically, these are interdisciplinary studies reaching from humanities, cultural studies, across social sciences and psychology to computer science and engineering. The research is currently organized and supervised by the following teams:


Research teams
Binaural processing and perception team
Dr. Fabian Brinkmann / Dr. Johannes M. Arend
Room acoustics and sound field reproduction team
Prof. Stefan Weinzierl / David Ackermann
Computational musicology team
Dr. Steffen Lepa / Dr. Oliver Schwab-Felisch
Computer music and sound synthesis team
Dr. Henrik von Coler

The teams include current research projects, doctoral projects and master theses. The groups are meeting weekly.





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