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Computer Music and Sound Synthesis

The Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC) performing with Matt Hughes at NOW! Festival, Essen (2019).
Lupe [1]

Team lead: Henrik von Coler

The team Computer music and sound synthesis deals with theoretical and practical aspects of systems for interactive music applications, algorithms for the modeling and synthesis of musical sounds and musical interfaces.


SeamLess Integration of Spatial Sound Reproduction Methods
The SeamLess software system aims at a combined use of different spatial sound reproduction methods, such as Wave Field Synthesis and Ambisonics, in a robust, user-friendly workflow.
Researchers: Henrik von Coler / Paul Schuladen / Nils Tonnätt
Funding: Stiftung Humboldt Forum Berlin
Spatial Audio and Machine Learning for Composition Practice and Immersive Media
Researcher: Damian Dziwis
Supervision: C. Pörschmann (TH Köln) / S. Weinzierl
Embodied network music performance
S. Weinzierl / H. von Coler / A. Carot
Einstein Stiftung, Antrag in Vorbereitung

Dissertations in Progress

Master theses in progress

Mapping Gestures to Physical Modeling Synthesis
Paul Schuladen
Supervision: H. v. Coler
IFFT Synthesis for Spectro-Spatial Sound Synthesis
Hilko Tondock
Supervision: H. v. Coler
Performance Analysis and Simulation for JackTrip Scaling
Nils Tonnätt
Supervision: H. v. Coler
Parametric Continuous State Modeling for Statistical Spectral Modeling
Tim Grund
Supervision: H. v. Coler
Mechanical Oscillators
Lukas Hartmann
Supervision: H. v. Coler / M. Rest (KORG Germany) 
Network Systems for Live Electronic Music and Sound Art
Benedikt Wieder 
Supervision: H. v. Coler
Exploring the real world applicability of Timbre Transfer using DDSP
Maximilian Schnupp (Bachelor thesis)
Supervision: H. v. Coler

Recent Publications

Henrik von Coler, Paul Schuladen, and Nils Tonnätt. Seamless integration of spatial sound reproduction methods. In Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference. 2021.

Anton Schlesinger, von Coler, Henrik, Justus Berger, and Stefan Weinzierl. The transformation of archeological sites into an exhibition space – project report on an immersive installation. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Immersive and 3D Audio (I3DA). 2021.

Henrik von Coler, Steffen Lepa, and Stefan Weinzierl. User-defined mappings for spatial sound synthesis. In Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME). 2020.

Henrik von Coler, Tonnätt, Nils, Vincent Kather, and Chris Chafe. Sprawl: a network system for enhanced interaction in musical ensembles. In Proceedings of the 18th Linux Audio Conference. 2020.

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