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Cross-Cultural Emotional and Psychophysiological Responses to Music: Comparing Western Listeners to Congolese Pygmies
Zitatschlüssel Egermann_Egermann2013b
Autor Egermann, Hauke, Fernando, Nathalie, Chuen, Lorraine, McAdams, Stephen
Buchtitel Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Music & Emotion
Jahr 2013
Adresse Jyvaeskylae, Finland
Zusammenfassung {Previous research has indicated that emotion recognition might be based on universal features. How- ever, whether a similar cross-cultural comparison can reveal universal emotion induction remains unexplored. The study compared subjective and psychophysiological emotional responses to music from two different cultures within two different cultures. Two similar experiments were conducted, the first in the Congolese rainforest with an isolated population of Mbenzele Pygmies without any exposure to Western music and culture; the second with a group of Western music listeners, with no experience with Congolese music. 40 Pygmies (age in yrs.: M=35
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