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A room acoustical quality inventory
Zitatschlüssel weinzierl_room_2017
Autor Weinzierl, Stefan and Lepa, Steffen
Jahr 2017
Adresse Boston, MA (USA)
Zusammenfassung In a two-step procedure, a new psychological measuring instrument has been developed for the acoustical perception of room acoustical environments for speech and music. As a first step, an expert focus group of room acoustical scholars and consultants was formed in order to reach a consensus on a vocabulary as complete as possible to describe room acoustical qualities. In a second step, this inventory was used for the evaluation of 35 different simulated room acoustical environments presented by binaural synthesis to 190 subjects of different age and expert level. Based on the ratings of this room sample, a comprehensive psychometric analysis was performed in order to evaluate the preliminary item battery with respect to reliability, discriminative power, and redundancy. The resulting room acoustical quality inventory, together with the database of room acoustical models as well as their monaural and binaural transfer functions and their perceptual evaluation, can be used as a ground truth for the validation of existing and newly developed room acoustical parameters.
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