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Statistical Significance (Testing)
Zitatschlüssel lepa_statistical_2017
Autor Lepa, Steffen
Buchtitel The International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods
Jahr 2017
ISBN 978-1-118-90173-1
DOI 10.1002/9781118901731.iecrm0240
Adresse New York
Herausgeber Matthes, Jörg and Davis, Christine S. and Potter, Robert F.
Verlag John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Zusammenfassung Statistical significance testing is a central technique for everyday empirical-quantitative work in media and communication research. Its most common form, the null hypothesis significance test, represents a well-established method of legitimating knowledge claims drawn from statistical analyses based on random samples. Nevertheless, intended epistemological meaning of the procedure and also correct interpretation of its result are commonly misunderstood. Furthermore, a prevalent view of regarding the “significance” of statistical estimations as providing a measure for meaningfulness of study results has also led to various forms of questionable research and publication practices. Nevertheless, significance testing is still a well-accepted technique in our field. This entry explains the different versions and their interpretation, and tries to abolish common misunderstandings. It also gives an overview on extensions and alternatives that have been historically developed, as well as practical recommendations for meaningful reporting of significance test results.
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