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The Language of Rooms: From Perception to Cognition to Aesthetic Judgment
Zitatschlüssel blauert_language_2020
Autor Weinzierl, Stefan and Lepa, Steffen and Thiering, Martin
Buchtitel The Technology of Binaural Understanding
Seiten 435–454
Jahr 2020
ISBN 978-3-030-00385-2 978-3-030-00386-9
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-00386-9_15
Adresse Cham
Notiz Series Title: Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing
Herausgeber Blauert, Jens and Braasch, Jonas
Verlag Springer International Publishing
Zusammenfassung Rooms are not perceptual objects themselves; they can only be perceived through their effect on the presented signal, the sound source, and the human receiver. An overview of different approaches to identify the qualities and the dimensions of “room acoustical impression” will be provided, that have resulted in psychological measuring instruments for room acoustical evaluation from the audience perspective. It will be outlined how the psychoacoustic aspects of room acoustical perception are embedded in a socio-cultural practice that leads to an aesthetic judgment on the quality of performance venues for music and speech.
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