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Towards a common terminology for music branding campaigns
Zitatschlüssel herzog_towards_2020
Autor Herzog, Martin and Lepa, Steffen and Egermann, Hauke and Schoenrock, Andreas and Steffens, Jochen
Jahr 2020
DOI 10.1080/0267257X.2020.1713856
Journal Journal of Marketing Management
Zusammenfassung Our contribution involves the development and validation of a standardised terminology for the description and comparison of music branding communication aims. We initially review relevant literature from marketing and music psychology research, and then carry out two empirical studies. In the first, an expert focus group develops an inventory of categories and adjectives representing all aspects of brand identities that can be conveyed through music, the multi-lingual Music Branding Expert Terminology (MBET). The second one is an online survey with 305 marketing experts that successfully confirms the terminology’s relevance across different product and service sectors. Finally, we describe how the practical application of the MBET can help to ease communication between all stakeholders in the music branding sector and how this will potentially increase the effectiveness of music branding campaigns.
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