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Towards encoding perceptually salient early reflections for parametric spatial audio rendering
Zitatschlüssel Brinkmann2020
Autor Brinkmann, Fabian and Gamper, Hannes and Raghuvanshi, Nikunj and Tashev, Ian
Buchtitel 148th AES Convention
Seiten Paper 10380
Jahr 2020
Adresse Vienna, Austria
Monat may
Zusammenfassung Parametric spatial audio rendering promises fast and perceptually convincing audio cues that remain playback-system agnostic and enable aesthetic modifications of the acoustic experience within games and virtual reality. We propose a parametric encoder for spatial room impulse responses that is tested with nine simulated rooms spanning a large range of sizes and reverberation times. A key component of the pipeline is a perceptually inspired model for determining a minimal set of salient early...
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