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An Introduction to Audio Content Analysis: Applications in Signal Processing and Music Informatics
Zitatschlüssel Lerch2012
Autor Lerch, Alexander
Seiten 272
Jahr 2012
ISBN 978-1-1182-6682-3
Adresse Hoboken
Verlag Wiley-IEEE Press
Zusammenfassung With the proliferation of digital audio distribution over digital media, audio content analysis is fast becoming a requirement for designers of intelligent signal-adaptive audio processing systems. Written by a well-known expert in the field, this book provides quick access to different analysis algorithms and allows comparison between different approaches to the same task, making it useful for newcomers to audio signal processing and industry experts alike. A review of relevant fundamentals in audio signal processing, psychoacoustics, and music theory, as well as downloadable MATLAB files are also included. Please visit the companion website: www.AudioContentAnalysis.org
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