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Technological implications of Phill Niblock's drone music, derived from analytical observations of selected works for cello and string quartet on tape
Zitatschlüssel straebel_Straebel.2008d
Autor Straebel, Volker
Seiten 225–235
Jahr 2008
Journal Organised Sound
Jahrgang 13
Nummer 3
Zusammenfassung Four compositions for cello and string quartet on tape by American intermedia artist Phill Niblock originating from 1974 to 2003 are discussed. The interdependence of compositional approach and available technology is considered, leading to the observation that the electronic music composer's technique is considerably independent of the available technology. Where a dependence of artistic development on factors not originally musical has to be acknowledged, these nonmusical factors lie not so much in the technology but in Niblock's interpretation of it. This is discussed within the context of philosophical observations on art and technology by Theodor W. Adorno, Martin Heidegger and Ernst Cassirer.
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