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A Database of Anechoic Microphone Array Measurements of Musical Instruments
Zitatschlüssel Weinzierl_or_20170
Autor Weinzierl, Stefan and Vorländer, Michael and Behler, Gottfried and Brinkmann, Fabian and Coler, Henrik von and Detzner, Erik and Krämer, Johannes and Lindau, Alexander and Pollow, Martin and Schulz, Frank and Shabtai, Noam R.
Jahr 2017
DOI 10.14279/depositonce-5861.2
Ort Berlin
Zusammenfassung A collection of 3305 single notes of 41 musical instruments of different historical periods was recorded and analyzed. The database includes the instrument recordings, radiation patterns (directivities), and audio features such as the sound power or spectral centroid along with information about the identity and the making of the instrument and its player. The database can be used in virtual reality applications such as room acoustic simulation and auralization, or for the study of musical instruments acoustics themselves.
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