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Mediales Musikhören im Alltag am Beispiel des Plattenspielers: Auditive Kultur aus der Perspektive der praxeologischen Wisssenssoziologie
Zitatschlüssel hoklas_mediales_2015
Autor Hoklas, Anne-Kathrin and Lepa, Steffen
Seiten 127–143
Jahr 2015
Journal Navigationen - Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturwissenschaften
Jahrgang 15
Nummer 2
Notiz 00000
Zusammenfassung The ongoing shift in media studies from an occupation with audio media and sound to an occupation with auditive culture implies new theoretical and methodological perspectives which focus on the complex relationships between people and media technologies. The paper shows how the praxelogical sociology of knowledge in the tradition of Karl Mannheim may be fruitfully applied to the empirical investigation of audio-cultural practices. Therefore, the concept of conjunctive transactional spaces that systematically accounts for materiality is theoretically introduced and then applied in an exemplary analysis of qualitative interviews. Exemplified by the record player and its use by contrasting members of different generations, we reconstruct how music media orientations are formed in the reciprocal interaction of the material affordances of audio media with the social practices of their users. As it turns out, these orientations also structure later encounters with new or ›reawakened‹ technologies, even if having been ›attuned‹ in earlier socio-historic contexts
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