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Predicting GEMS Based on PDA-Assessed Gestural Motion Data
Zitatschlüssel Irrgang
Autor Irrgang, Melanie and Egermann, Hauke and Acar, Esra and Lommatzsch, Andreas
Buchtitel Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) Music, Mind, and Embodiment
Seiten 472–485
Jahr 2015
Herausgeber Kronland-Martinet, Richard and Aramaki, Mitsuko and Ystad, Sølvi and Eaton, Joel
Verlag Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research
Zusammenfassung Music is often discussed to be perceived as emotional because it renders expressive movements into audible musical structures. Thus, a valid approach to measure musical emotion could be to assess movement stimulated by music. This study evaluated the discriminative power of mobile-device generated acceleration data produced by free movement during music listening experience for the prediction of different degrees of the Geneva Emotion Music Scales (GEMS-9). The variance of the perceived GEMS-states can be explained by the fitted models as follows: power (r2 = .36), sadness (r2 = .17), tenderness (r2 = .14), joy (r2 = .15), tension (r2 = .11), peacefulness (r2 = .08), nostalgia (r2 = .07), wonder (r2 = .07) and transcendence (r2 = .02). These findings will contribute to understand, how acceleration data can be used to integrate embodied music cognition into Music Recommender Systems.
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