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The Actions that Make a Musical Instrument. Exploring Club-DJing as an Instrumental
Zitatschlüssel Forstel2015b
Autor Förstel, Alexander and Hardjowirogo, Sarah-Indriyati and Egermann, Hauke
Buchtitel Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) Music, Mind, and Embodiment
Seiten 762–769
Jahr 2015
Adresse Plymouth
Herausgeber Kronland-Martinet, Richard and Aramaki, Mitsuko and Ystad, Sølvi and Eaton, Joel
Verlag Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research
Zusammenfassung In this study we introduce an action-based concept of instrumentality derived from DJ techniques used in hip-hop and apply it to DJ performances in the club context.We conducted a video content analysis of recordings of 8 professional Techno/House DJs and investigated the occurrence of instrumental and non-instrumental action strategies dur- ing their performances. The results show that instrumental techniques are relatively rare in the club context – only 2 DJs show a clearly instru- mental use of their equipment during stretches of their performance.We therefore conclude that the concept of instrumentality does not suit the particular demands and goals of a Club DJ and suggest further research to find better concepts. Keywords:
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