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Psychological factors influencing the evaluation of electric vehicle interior noise
Zitatschlüssel Steffens2011a
Autor Steffens, Jochen and Küppers, Thomas and Skoda, Sabrina
Seiten 2546
Jahr 2011
DOI 10.1121/1.3655176
Journal Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Jahrgang 130
Nummer 4
Zusammenfassung Increasing global awareness of the benefits of electromobility has brought about the need for new concepts in terms of the acoustic design of future vehicle generations. This includes both the creative design process and the development of suitable methods for the evaluation of target sounds by trial participants. The main difference between e-car sound surveys and those carried out on familiar sound categories is the potential consumer's lack of experience with electric vehicles. Thus the consumer has no, or very unspecific, expectations in this regard. Several studies have consequently shown that many subjects have to construct their personal frame of reference for evaluation within the listening experiment. However, this is possibly at odds with experience-based expectations relating to the sounds of conventional combustion engines. The result is a conflict of objectives between the traditional and the modern, familiarity and strangeness and not least between driving freedom and ecological awareness. In this context, the authenticity of the sound and the subjective interpretability of the sound information also appear as moderator variables. Moreover, associations with other vehicle categories, for example streetcars, also influence the perceived sound quality. In the course of this contribution, these factors will be expounded and their influence on the evaluation of interior noise discussed.
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