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How do people really listen to music today? Conventionalities and major turnovers in German audio repertoires
Zitatschlüssel lepa_how_2015
Autor Lepa, Steffen and Hoklas, Anne-Kathrin
Seiten 1253–1268
Jahr 2015
ISSN 1369-118X
DOI 10.1080/1369118X.2015.1037327
Journal Information, Communication & Society
Jahrgang 18
Nummer 10
Notiz 00000
Zusammenfassung Within the last 100 years, everyday music listening has undergone several changes in terms of the material audio technologies employed. From the gramophone to nowadays streaming multimedia gadgets, a lot of media devices and services have emerged and disappeared. Nevertheless, many older appliances still populate our media environments today and are also still used. This questions the idea of newer technologies simply substituting the older ones. But how and why do people combine different technologies dating from different epochs in different social contexts of their everyday life? And is there really a major ‘turnover’ in music listening as it is sometimes implied by research on single new digital audio technologies? In order to get some ‘ground truth’ concerning the complex patterns of current everyday audio technology use, we employed the media repertoire approach: Representative survey data from 2000 German participants on various types of media technologies employed in 2012 for habitual music listening were gathered and then typologized by latent class analysis resulting in six distinct dominant audio usage patterns. By comparing class profiles in terms of its members' birth cohorts, two historic major turnovers in audio media use were identified, one seemingly taking place already within the 1980s, and another one evolving right now. Complementary biographic-episodic interviews with selected repertoire class members helped to better understand the biographical genesis of the underlying practice types. In a nutshell, our results deliver an empirical ‘background image’ for social research dealing with the uses of specific audio media in the everyday.
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