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A System for Automatic Audio Harmonization ( Ein System für automatische Audio-Harmonisierung)
Zitatschlüssel lerch_Yogev2008
Autor Yogev, Noam and Lerch, Alexander
Buchtitel Procedings of the VdT International Convention (25. Tonmeistertagung)
Jahr 2008
Adresse Leipzig
Nummer November
Zusammenfassung A rule-based system for automatic melody harmonization is presented. It models the cognitive process a human arranger undergoes when confronted with the same task, namely: segmenting the melody into phrases, tagging melody notes with harmonic functions, establishing a palette of possible chords for each note, and finding the most agreeable voicing through these chords. The system is designed to be embedded in an audio framework, which synthe- sizes a four-voiced audio output using pitch-shifting techniques. Principles of classical counterpoint as well as common voice-leading conven- tions are utilized by the system. We shall outline the various phases of computa- tion, describe the rules applied in each phase, and present perspectives regarding the stylistic flexibility suggested by the system's design.
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