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the open software toolbox for signal acquisition, processing, and inspection in acoustics


The acquisition, processing, and inspection of audio data plays a central role in the everyday practice of acousticians. However, these steps are commonly distributed among different and often closed  software packages making it difficult to document this work. AKtools includes Matlab methods for audio playback and recording, as well as a versatile plotting tool for inspection of single/multi channel data acquired on spherical, and arbitrary spatial sampling grids. Functional blocks cover test signal generation (e.g. pulses, noise, and sweeps), spectral deconvolution, transfer function inversion using frequency dependent regularization, spherical harmonics transform and interpolation among others.  Well documented demo scripts show the examplary use of the main parts, with more detailed information in the description of each method. To foster reproducible research, AKtools is available under the open software European Union Public Licence (EUPL) allowing everyone to use, change, and redistribute it for any purpose.

Release note

Some functions of AKtools use the FABIAN head-related transfer function data set which is available from http://dx.doi.org/10.14279/depositonce-5718


The latest release of AKtools can be dowloaded here.

The current state of work can be accessed via the SVN repository


(username: aktools; password: ak)


If you use AKtools, please cite:

Fabian Brinkmann, and Stefan Weinzierl: "AKtools -- An Open Software Toolbox for Signal Acquisition, Processing, and Inspection in Acoustics." In: 142nd AES Convention, Berlin, Germany, 2017, e-Brief 309.


We welcome any feedback on bugs inside AKtools as well as features that could be added. You can contact us via or use our bug tracker at


(password and username same as in Download)


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