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The Acoustic and Psychoacoustic Basis of Digital Synthesis and Signal Processing

Topic: The study of digital sound synthesis and signal processing can be greatly aided by a knowledge of acoustics and psychoacoustics, and in turn, digital audio research can enhance our understanding of sound and aural cognition. This seminar/lab will survey both historical and contemporary acoustic and psychoacoustic knowledge that relates to digital sound design and signal processing, with reference to both electroacoustic music and soundscape composition.

Topics will include traditional synthesis techniques (such as additive, FM and waveguide synthesis) and contemporary aspects of microsound (such as the frequency-time based approaches of granular synthesis and convolution). Acoustic and psychoacoustic topics will include pitch and timbre perception, loudness and volume, environmental sound propagation and binaural localization, sound-sound interaction, speech acoustics, auditory streaming and scene analysis.

Time and place

Period: 19.10.2015 - 14.12.2015
Week day / time:
Monday 10 - 14 o'clock

Period: 04.01.2016 - 08.02.2016 (private office hours à 1 hour)
Week day / time: Monday 10 - 12 o'clock

Room: EN 324

Lecturers and tutors

Lecturer: Prof. Barry Truax

Tutor: David Runge

Further information

Type: Seminar
Range: 2 SWS
Event number: 3135 L 785


19.10.2015                 Historical (and personal) background re Electroacoustic &
                                   Computer Music: Basic digital and digital synthesis theory;
                                   vibration and periodicity

26.10.2015                 Spectrum

2.11.2015                   Timbre, pitch and psychoacoustics

9.11.2015                   Non-linear synthesis models (modulation synthesis)

16.11.2015                 Frequency-time models and granular synthesis

23.11.2015                 Magnitude, decibel, loudness and volume

30.11.2015                 Sound-Environment interaction and binaural hearing

7.12.2015                   Sound-Sound interaction and auditory streaming

14.12.2015                 Speech acoustics
                                   Audiology and hearing loss

4.1.2016 -                   Compositional analysis and mentoring of student projects


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