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Hardware Hacking

Inhalt: This is a class is hardware hacking for audio applications (and a little video as well).  The class will have an art/music orientation, rather than cover electronic engineering per se.  No previous electronic experience is assumed.  Basic soldering skills will be learned through building contact microphones and coils to sniff electromagnetic fields.  We will then open up a range of battery-powered "consumer" technology (radios, boom boxes, electronic toys), observe the effect of direct hand contact on the circuit boards, experiment with the substitution of components, and listen to unheard signals running through the circuit.  Knowledge acquired through this process will be applied to building circuits from scratch (oscillators, amplifiers, fuzztones, sequencers etc.), both from documented designs and as invented by yourselves (but this is not a course on electronic theory or advanced circuit design -- for that students are directed to the more formal engineering curriculum of the TU.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Limited number of participants, participation for pre-registered students only!

Please also consider the details of individual supplies needed for the first session (see material section below).

Zeitraum und Ort


1) Okt. 21

2) Okt. 28

3) Jan. 13

4) Jan. 20

5) Jan. 27

6) Feb. 3

7) Feb. 10

Zeit: 10 - 14 Uhr
Raum: E-N 523/524

Dozenten und Tutoren

Dozent: Nicolas Collins

Tutor: David Ackermann



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