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A History of Experimental Music in 10 ½ Chapters

Inhalt: his class will examine a dozen or so masterpieces of modern music, composed between 1960 and the present, by artists such as John Cage, David Tudor, Alvin Lucier, Takehisa Kosugi, Gavin Bryars, Pauline Oliveros, etc.  Students will study scores (primarily prose and graphic – knowledge of traditional music notation is not required), recordings and texts, and then prepare new performances or recordings of these works, updated for modern technologies and aesthetics.  Students may also be asked to write critical responses to the works being studied.   Reading and speaking knowledge of English is required (this class is taught in English, and the majority of the reading will be from English sources.)

Zeitraum und Ort


1) Okt. 22

2) Okt. 29

3) Jan. 14

4) Jan. 21

5) Jan. 28

6) Feb. 4

7) Feb. 11

Zeit: 10 - 14 Uhr
Raum: EN 324

Dozenten und Tutoren

Dozent: Nicolas Collins

Tutor: David Ackermann

Weitere Informationen

Veranstaltungstyp:  Seminar
Umfang: 2 SWS
Veranstaltungsnummer: 3135 L 785

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