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Multichannel Sound Composition

Inhalt: The course will focus on approaches to composition involving spatialization (multi-channel speaker systems). Students will design multi-channel systems to match their creative ideas, and develop new works that utilize the system. We will discuss in depth the effect on musical form, emotional meaning and the listener's situation. We will also analyze works, both contemporary and historical, for which the relationship between site and sound is foregrounded.

Note: The students will design unique spatial systems; virtual reality systems such as surround, ambisonic, wavefield synthesis, etc. will not be utilized.


Zeitraum und Ort

Zeitraum: 07.11.2011 - 13.02.2012
Wochentag: Montag
Zeit: 12 - 14 Uhr
Ort: EN 324

Dozenten und Tutoren

Dozent: Michael Schumacher

Tutor: Andreas Pysiewicz

Weitere Informationen

Veranstaltungstyp: Seminar
Umfang: 2 SWS
Veranstaltungsnummer: 0135 L 777

Sprache: Englisch

Course Material

Session 1: November 7, 2011

MAX patch: Note2Hz


Session 2: November 14, 2011
Session 3: November 21, 2011


Session 4: December 5, 2011

Text: D. Smalley - Space Form and the Acousmatic Image


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