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Composition in the Arts

Inhalt / Course description:

Composition in the Arts

This  interdisciplinary seminar is intended for composers, artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and creative artists in any other discipline.

Composition, the manner in which elements are combined or related to form a whole in space and time, is a basic practice in all the arts.  In this seminar, we will explore the compositional process through a series of problems that address the concept of site.  By site, we mean either a physical location, social domain or semantic field within which the artist can be understood to act.  Participants will compose individual and collaborative interventions with a wide range of sites -- public, private, corporeal, electronic and art historical— in response to the problems pose.

Coursework for evaluation will take the form of four projects.  Projects will be presented in class on the “long meetings”, which will run from 9:00AM until 12:00PM on November 9 and 30, January 4 and February 8.

Zeitraum und Ort

Zeitraum: 19.10.2010 - 18.02.2011
Raum: EN324

Wochentag / Zeit:
Tuesdays 10:00-12:00
October 19 – organizational meeting

Part 1 The body as a site
October 26 (10:00-12:00)
November 2 (10:00-12:00)
November 9 – Long Meeting (9:00-12:00)

Part 2 Physical sites
November 16 (10:00-12:00)
November 23 (10:00-12:00)
November 30 – Long Meeting (9:00-12:00)

Part 3 Social sites
December 7 (10:00-12:00)
December 14 (10:00-12:00)
January 4 – Long Meeting (9:00-12:00)

Part 4 The non-site of information
January 11 (10:00-12:00)
January 18 (10:00-12:00)
February 8  – Long Meeting (9:00-12:00)

Dozenten und Tutoren

Dozent: Ronald Kuivila
Tutor: Alex Hofmann

Weitere Informationen

Umfang: 4 SWS (VL+UE)
Angebot: jedes 2. Semester



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