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Audio Workstation Design & Implementation


This seminar will cover some of the low level details involved in
implementing a digital audio workstation (such as Ardour), but
potentially applicable to any moderately complex audio software. We
will examine some or all of: basic audio I/O, MVC design,
multithreading and the use of parallelism, realtime and lock free
programming techniques, filesystem design and use questions, questions
about time and timekeeping, undo/redo, and various abstractions
commonly used in this sort of program. Attendees will find themselves
more able to understand and contribute to real-world audio
software. Our focus will be software architecture rather than signal

Attending this seminar will require either existing technical
programming skills and/or a willingness to use programming jargon for
extended periods of time. Familiarity with the internals of any
existing piece of audio software will be helpful.  You should expect
to confront many implementation-level details of this kind of


  • Wahlpflicht im Masterstudiengang MKT, Modul MA-MKT 9
  • Wahlpflicht im Magisterstudiengang Kommunikationswissenschaft
  • Wahl im Diplomstudiengang Tonmeister

Zeitraum und Ort

Zeitraum: 22.10.2008- 14.02.2009
Wochentag / Zeit: Donnerstag   16:00 - 18:00    wöchentl
Raum: E-N 187

Dozenten und Tutoren

Ansprechpartner: Prof. Paul Davis
Dozent: Prof. Paul Davis
Tutor: Wilm Thoben


Weitere Informationen

Veranstaltungstyp: Seminar
Umfang: 2 SWS
Angebot im: -
Voraussetzung: -

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