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Spatial Technologies

In the course of this lecture series different scientists, composers and sound artists will present their research on technologies for spatial sound processing and reproduction, including theoretical aspects, aspects of implementation and system design, and applications in the field of contemporary music and sound art. The course is offered for students in the European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies (ECMCT) in particular, but it is open to students of media communication and audio technology at the TU Berlin.

Zeitraum und Ort

Zeitraum: 23.04.2008- 16.07.2008
Wochentag / Zeit: Mittwoch 10-12 Uhr
Raum: EN 324

Dozenten und Tutoren

Ansprechpartner: Prof. S. Weinzierl
Dozenten: Lokale & internationale Gastdozenten
Tutor: Eckehard Güther

Weitere Informationen

Veranstaltungstyp: Ringseminar
Umfang: 2 SWS
Voraussetzung: -
Veranstaltungsnummer: 0135 L 316

Termine, Sprecher, Themen

Stefan Weinzierl
Introduction to Spatial Technologies I. Multichannel and stereophonic techniques
Stefan Weinzierl
Introduction to Spatial Technologies II. Wavefield Synthesis
Stefan Weinzierl
Introduction to Spatial Technologies III. Binaural Reproduction
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
A dynamic spatial localization ugen for Common Lisp Music (CLM)
Kees Tazelaar
Part I: The poeme électronique. New research on technical and aesthetical aspects
Part II: Noise as a Source for Sound Spatialization in Electronic Music
Andre Bartetzki
Spatialisation of elektroacoustic music with SuperCollider
Karl M. Slavik
Formats and Media for Spatial Audio
Thomas Seelig
tomLib - a framework for rapid MaxMSP patching
Mikhail Malt
Random Spaces. An introduction to stochastics models in composition and process control with examples in OpenMusic, MAX, and PD
Sukandar Karthadinata
Sensors and Space. Seminar from 10-12 am plus one-day workshop following (!)
Hanns-Holger Rutz
Conventional and unorthodox spatialisation using 
Peter Maier
Interaction of loudspeakers and space

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