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Lupe [1]

Endurance concert between Wesleyan University and TU Berlin   

  • February 27
  • 15:00 - 24:00 (CET)
  • Stream: https://youtu.be/8i5B2zm82D8 [2]   
Wesleyan University and TU Berlin present student projects in an all day/night stream. The marathon features fixed media works from Paula Matthusen’s Edgard-Varèse guest professor classes [3] at TU, as well as a live performance of the Network Music Performance Systems [4] seminar (Henrik von Coler, TU Berlin) and works from the (Un)Sound Projections Seminar from the Center for Humanities and Music Department at Wesleyan University. Special guest appearances will be made by the SPLICE [5] Ensemble, among others. Find a detailed program and links to complementary radio streams below.
  • All contributions are streamed on Youtube: https://youtu.be/8i5B2zm82D8 [6]
  • Detailed Program [7] 

15:00 Introduction
  • Paula Matthusen & Henrik von Coler
15:15 (Un)Sound Works I
  • fixed media works
17:00 (Un)Sound Works II
  • fixed media works
20:00 Mastering the Distributed Anarchic System
  • The SPRAWL System connects musicians from different locations to a virtual acoustic environment. Every participant can change any parameter of the resulting scene. This shared agency allows novel ways of interaction and musical practice - and demands a high degree of involvement. Students from the class Network Music Performance Systems (TU Berlin) present interpretations of graphical scores, test-based compositions and improvisations with this system.
  • Luzie Ahrens
  • Dominik Börner
  • Henrik von Coler
  • Peter Bangert
  • Mario Hillenbrand
  • Jonathan Müller-Boruttau
  • Simon Oswald
  • Deniz Özdemir
  • Christian Scherz
  • Roman Schweikert
  • Nils Tonnätt
21:30 (Un)Sound Works III
  • fixed media works
Backstage Meeting
  • Everybody is invited to join the backstage meeting (not streamed) on Zoom for discussions and exchange:

https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/66000388193?pwd=UnF0Z053Y2M2REpQaFBsUzUwd0lRUT09 [8]

HUB Mode

Lupe [9]


Current Edgard-Varèse Guest Professor, Chris Chafe, and the Electronic Studio at TU Berlin present an evening focusing on networking and network technologies in musical contexts.  The event will feature works by Chris Chafe, such as Tomato Music (2007-2011), Harbour Symphony (2016-20) and Gnosisong
(2015, with Greg Niemeyer). Jonathan Berger will present his audiovisual work Eroded Landscapes (2019), Daniel Mayer premieres Matters #5 (2020, UA). The audience will be involved in a work for mobile phones by Alexander Dubovoy and Greg Kappes. A novel system for local network performances, developed at the
TU Studio, will be used for improvisations by TU Students, Leonard Nicola Hein (guitar), S. Rose (sax) and Chris Chafe (Celletto) and the Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC).

Doors 18:30
Free entrance

Silent Green
Gerichtstraße 35
13347 Berlin

die Reihe. Beiträge zu auditiver Kunst und Kultur [10]



Seminar: Unorthodox Sound Synthesis (Daniel Mayer)

Tuesday, 11.02.20 - Thursday, 13.02.20, 18:00-21:00, Room EN-324

The topic of the seminar will be selected procedures that don’t fall into the area of classical sound synthesis resp. transformation as well as unorthodox combinations and applications of classical techniques. In that context participants will be encouraged to develop and implement own ideas.

Possible topics (depending on knowledge and interest): buffer modulation, single sample feedback, wavefolding, synthesis with ordinary differential equations, functional iteration synthesis, variants of granular synthesis.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of sound synthesis. The seminar refers to some of the lecturer's implementations in SuperCollider, therefore basic knowledge of SuperCollider is desirable but not absolutely necessary. 

Language: German or English

TU students can get 3 credit points for the module "Musikinformatik+Medienkunst" in combination with a project related to the seminar.


Daniel Mayer (*1967) is a composer with focus on works including electro-acoustics. He is active in the fields of sound synthesis and generative computer algorithms, where he is developing dedicated software. His music has been performed at international festivals of electronic and contemporary music and was rewarded with the Giga-Hertz production prize for electronic music 2007 at Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM). He studied pure mathematics and philosophy at the University of Graz (MSc, MPhil) and music composition (MA) with Gerd Kühr at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria. 2001/02 postgradual study at the electronic studio of the Music Academy of Basel, Switzerland, with Hanspeter Kyburz. Since 2011 working at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz/IEM, from 2011-2014 cooperation within the FWF-funded artistic research project Patterns of Intuition [11], since October 2016 visiting professor for electro-acoustic composition. From 2014-2017 curatorial work at Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten [12], since 2016 together with Gerhard Eckel and Marko Ciciliani for the concert series signaleGRAZ [13]. http://daniel-mayer.at [14]

https://daniel-mayer.at [15]

https://github.com/dkmayer/miSCellaneous_lib [16]

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