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Working with Ambisonics

For working with Ambisonics in our studios we recommend using the DAW Reaper in combination with the IEM Plug-in Suite. Presets for our speakersetups can be found below. 

An example Reaper-Project with the IEM-Plugins for the 21ch-Dome can be downloaded here. To work with the dome the file "TU_21Dome_4o.json" has to be loaded into the "SimpleDecoder" on Track 1. For use with headphones a Binaural-Decoder (Track 2) is included.

 For setting up you own decoder you can find the raw speaker positions in the format Azimuth, Elevation, Distance in this Textfile: TU_Dome_SpeakerPositions.


Download Reaper:


Download IEM-PluginSuite




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